The SLJH Diamond Generator

Rating Summary

Angst (Blue)
4 Dangerously Angsty Dangerously Angsty. May have threatened suicide/published book on angsty poetry. Routinely brags writes about hurting themselves. Angsts 24/7
3 Extreme Angst Likely to write angsty poetry, threaten bodily harm to self.
2 Angsty They've discussed how their life sucks often. Then posted a cute picture or link!
1 Kinda Angsty Questions the meaning of life. Sometimes posts a quiz result that suggests they have a darker side.
0 No Angst Cheerful. Why do they have a livejournal?
4 Drama Queen! Giant arguments are common, posts randomly bitter, pointed remarks about people they barely/don't know, in other people's journals. Tries to get on LJ Drama. Succeeds.
3 Attention Whore Provokes fights with popular people on LJ to get more views/flames in their own journal. Does this repeatedly in other people's journals/communities.
2 Some Drama Sometimes has fights with internet friends in their lj or comments sections. Often these will be interspersed with normal entries, or be resolved immediately.
1 Not Always Nice Once and a while has a fight with real life friends on LJ, in their own entries, which are often friends only.
0 Genuinely Nice Often acts to break up fights and mediates conflict. Posts genuinely nice things in their journal, tries to avoid conflict/see other points of view.
4 Waste of Bandwidth! Every damn post they make is a quiz/song lyrics/email forward. Nothing about their life, at all.
3 Boring! Intersperses their quiz results with poorly written, misspelled posts about their life, with confused grammar and bizarre punctuation.
2 Not so bad Posts quiz results, but often includes with them commentary or interesting journal entries.
1 Posts a Quiz or Two Occasionally posts quizzes they find interesting/relevant, but lj-cuts them. The large part of their journal is actual commentary on their life/thoughts. Uses proper spelling and grammar.
0 Publishable A journal worth reading, even if you don't know them personally. Good grammar, thoughtful commentary, and storytelling abilities have probably earned this person more "Friends Of" than "Friends."
Special Notice Key (White)
Meme Meme Propagator. Hasn't met a Meme they didn't like, and posts every quiz/email forward/joke to their livejournal that they see. May not be 4: Readability, and may LJ-cut, but a Meme cesspool nonetheless.
??? Incredibly cryptic. Posts are made in a code either for readability only by real life friends, or to be impossible to connect to their real life. References often to events that make no sense in the context of the post/journal, or inside jokes that cannot be comprehended, even after reading their journal fully. Uses acronyms that no one has heard of. Often has a lot of (cryptic) anonymous comments.
Duh This LJ user is mind-bogglingly intelligent and/or talented, and reading their journal will make you so aware of this that you feel like your IQ has suddenly dropped about 40 points.
Fan This LJ user is crazy about something, and will devote every single post they make to this thing, whatever it may be. All comments made by them, arguments they have, and angst they focus on will relate back to this obsession.
Blur Every post this person makes, regardless of the actual numbers in the SLJH Code, sounds the same. Either they never change, or they never report on it.
Sex Has sex. A lot. And tells everyone on their friends list about it. For better or worse, they like sex and post about it constantly. Sometimes related to Blur.
M/F? Either intentionally or unintentionally, this person's sex cannot be identified. This could be hot or just annoying. Often related to high scores on the Angst dimension.

This code written by Kemayo